I am a person who likes to learn, read, and most of all likes to write. I like for my thoughts to be challenged (because that’s how I learn more). I have so many thoughts that I want to share with others, but I also want others to share their thoughts with me.

I often think to myself how much sisterhood is needed, yet how much it is frowned upon. I thought about how much easier it is to call a woman out of her name than to call a woman a friend. When I greet my friends I say “Heyy Friend” as a way to say we are in this together. The need of sisterhood made me want to write my blog so I could share my thoughts and ideas on things that women encounter and deal with, but may not feel that we have a space to discuss them.

I hate the idea that we think saying “We aren’t like other women” makes us a prize What is wrong with other women? We shouldn’t see each other as competitors as much as we do. We can both shine and we can both have value.

I hate that we can be full of self hate. I hate that we criticize but don’t contribute. For me this is not only a creative outlet, but a safe space where we can connect with one another.