PSA: Stop Raising Trash Men If You’re Going To Complain That There Are No Good Men Left

Let’s face it. Dating can be hard these days. I would say its due to the lack of communication on both the side of men and women, but many would argue its because men are trash. How are trash men made? They are raised by trash parents.

Forgive my frankness but I am quite appalled at what I heard today. I had a conversation with a relative (a woman who admittedly hates women) who justified her son beating an elderly man in his 90’s.  The man was left bloody.

When I gave a grunt of disapproval she gave every reason under the sun to justify her son’s actions. I sat on the phone and let her talk (being respectful because of her age as her son should have been to the man he beat). She explained that the man was irritating and someone was going to hit him anyway. She said her son should not have done it, but she understands why he did. Her son has a history of abusing other people including but not limited to women. I have heard her deny that he would hit a woman and make excuses for his abusive behavior EVEN THOUGH she has been in an abusive relationship herself.

Every time she lets “I’m not like other women, women are messy” or “I only hang out with men” come out of her mouth; she is telling her son that women were beneath men. She is saying that women can’t be trusted and so they are the problem. It’s no wonder that he is abusive. He has grown up thinking that whatever he does is not as bad as what someone else does. He has had justifications made for every wicked and foul thing that he has done.

I wouldn’t care what the justification was for beating an elderly man. No woman in her right mind should laugh at or justify their child doing something like this.  If this were someone else’s son she would have called them every name in the book. It makes me so mad because as women we need to stop exhibiting self hate toward other women, and we need to be mindful of what we are teaching our sons. These are the men who will grow up to be leaders, and fathers, and husbands. 

My mother’s mother (yes I know that’s my grandmother) was my favorite person of all time, BUT she had a bad habit of this. Her son’s could not raise their kids, mistreat women, lie, lack black pride, and she had an excuse for all of it. There are so many qualities that she had that I hope to have, but justifying my son’s poor actions isn’t one of them. She too would make comments about how she didn’t get along with women like it was a badge of honor. I believe that is exalting men as the greater sex is why some women justify anything a man does.

Am I solely blaming mother’s for how their sons turn out? NO! I’m blaming father’s too. Men need to show their sons how to be people of honor. If you raised a trash ass man (or person for that matter) stop making justifications as to why they can beat people, abuse people, and harass people. Stop saying “He was wrong but…” There is no “but!” Teach your children to take accountability for their actions.

It just makes me mad to hear women say that men are no good when they have been responsible for raising men who have poor character. I am not a mother, but I don’t feel I have to be to say lets start holding children accountable. Let’s hold people accountable.

The moral of the story is that you need to raise the type of men that the next generation will be able to date. Being a man is hard. Prepare your sons for this world by holding them accountable and teaching them respect. If you are raising a trash son, I don’t want to hear you talking about there are no good men.

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  1. gifted50 says:

    You raise some excellent points here and many of us can relate.

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    1. Aja says:

      Thank you so much ♥️❗️

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